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19 April 2009 @ 02:04 am
Okay, so the scariest, yet most grateful thing ever has happened to me this evening.

You can skip the next paragraph and read the one after this to read about what it was that left me first a bit frightened, awestruck, and then grateful.

Tonight there was a Street Fighter IV tourney being held somewhere at Fort Mason Center. This was actually the finals for the tournament that started back in February when the game was released on console. So my friend and I headed there and arrived a little before 7 pm and ended before midnight struck. It was the most awesome thing ever. A lot of brilliant matches, but surprisingly, not one person even used Ryu or Ken in the tourney. Not even Guile or Blanka. Strange, huh? Justin Wong, who is well-known to SF fans, became the Champ with his skills as Rufus. He was crazy. After he won, the guests which included Korean champ, Asia champ (Japanese), and Daigo aka the Beast played each other. I felt bad for the Korean guy because he lost against both Japanese players and Justin. The Asia champ lost to both Justin and Daigo. They were some freakin' epic fights. So finally, it was the epic Justin vs. Daigo rematch. Now, Justin is crazy good with Rufus, but Daigo's Ryu still trumped him. Justin didn't even win once against him. It was best out of 7 matches, so the score was 0-4 in the end. Daamn.

After the tourney ended, it was time to go back home. I had no money for the bus, and my transfer was long used up. So I decided to get change by getting a drink from the vending machine. I pulled out my wallet to get two one-dollar bills out. The drink said $1.50 but I only got a quarter back for change, so I was a bit baffled. So I had my friend lend me $1.25. The bus was about to leave so we jogged/ran for it. I got home and, like I normally do, sat in bed on the laptop doing whatever. When suddenly... I hear my doorbell ringing... at around 1:50, no less. I thought it might've been one of my sisters because they always don't have their keys or forget them. So assuming it was my sister, I reluctantly opened the door and called out "Who is it?" Someone answered, but it wasn't my sister; instead, a police officer answered instead, which scared the crap out of me.

Like, oh shit, what the hell. I haven't don't anything wrong, so I didn't think I was in any sort of trouble. I come up to where the gate door is, and the officer asks me, "Are you Eric Trinh?" I answer accordingly. Was this about my credit card and how I haven't settled the fraud issue thing yet? Different story btw, so don't worry about that. He then has something in his hand.... something familiar: my fucking wallet. Before I could really recognize it though, he told me clearly that he had a hold of my wallet. I was shocked beyond belief. My jaw on the floor, I asked where he found it. He told me it was found around Safeway. Now, if you recall, I did just mention that I went to get change. The vending machine was in front of Safeway. So I'm assuming that once I put it into my pocket and ran for the bus, I reached into my pocket yet again, and my wallet must've fallen out by then. The officer told me a bunch of guys found it and was gonna turn it in to the department or something, but the officer said he'd deliver it to me personally, and so... he did, of course. He also told me everything appears to be intact, and, indeed, all my money, cards, etc. were still in there. Holy. effing. shit. I would not have noticed I had my wallet missing. After getting on the bus and heading home, I didn't even bother checking my pockets to see if my stuff was still there.

See, I was carrying a ton of stuff and the whole time, even when I was watching at the tourney, I kept fidgeting inside my pockets to make sure everything was still there. Coming home though, I suppose I should have noticed it was gone. I took out my DS and my R4... my cell phone... my drinks... all the other junk in my pocket. But I also usually take out my wallet and put it on my desk. Not realizing I had it missing, I didn't do that, obviously. But I was still quite oblivious of the fact that I didn't have it on me. So anyway, I thanked the police officer plenty to convey my gratitude. I have no idea what I would've done if this didn't happen. Had I realized it was gone by the time I was on the bus, I would've spouted to my friend, saying "I can't find my wallet... I must've dropped it... fuck fuck fuck fucking shit!" I probably would have come back for it if I knew that around the time we got on; the bus was in front of Safeway, after all. I would not have known what to do, probably. And most likely, if I didn't realize I lost it AND the officer didn't come or I didn't hear the doorbell ring.... I would've believed it was misplaced somewhere, eventually concluding that I lost it at Safeway or even worse... I do not wanna imagine such consequences. Looks like I have to be extra aware of open pockets now and when I grab things out of my pockets...

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25 August 2008 @ 11:47 am
I've got about 3 hours left til my next class and I'm just killing time using the computers in the library. They say it's only for homework use only but I don't see that crap listed anywhere aside from the computers up front (where you have to stand up. WTF is that, an ichiraku?) And another thing, these rules tell me I can't access pornography unless it's for classes. Well if these computers were used solely for class courses, doesn't that make these whole rules moot?

I think my garlic bagel that I bought an hour or so ago should be consumed soon because the odor seems to be getting stronger and could attract unwanted crabpeople or something.

Uh, you can ignore those tags. NF recently applied social networking to their forums (...why?). They took out the tag features and the profile comment features so like, what the hell was the point in that? They should've known it would've failed like their blog feature. So now the tags we inputed (2 per user, 5 per OP, max. 25 total = WTF?) are now permanent. It's not so bad. I got two of the best tags under the Higurashi thread, and well... now my KyoAni geeks abused my FC with their own (humiliating) tags that will forever be embedded into my memory. Thanks, guys. You rock.
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11 August 2008 @ 12:29 pm
So I'm finally ready to upload my damn videos. Problem is I can't for the life of me figure it out right. I think my computer slows dramatically when I'm working on it too. The programs I installed to work it is kinda confusing even for a simple crappy looking menu.

Even after that's settled, I'd have to do it like 200 more times. Yeah, I've got a lot of clips but they're relatively short.
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15 July 2008 @ 01:37 pm
KAETE KITA~!!!!!!!!

Ah, the nostalgic zephyrs of foggy ol' San Francisco. I'm home again, but I've been missing Japan for more than half a day. I suppose I can get into the details later. Photos, movies, blogs... yup, and sorting through all my material goods in my unsurprisingly messy room. Gosh, what did they do to it while I was gone?

Anyways, can't wait to chat again. Need to take a little rest right now. That, and two weeks worth of catching up sounds like a bitch.
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01 July 2008 @ 05:57 pm

LIVE IN JAPAN TIME HAHAHAHA. An hour or so after getting out of the plane and using 100 yen for 10 minutes on the comp. Still at the airport.... Don't worry, recording more crap as I'm typing.

27 June 2008 @ 09:00 pm
Today I spent my day with a group of friends to see Wall-E on opening day. Strangely enough, for an opening day, it wasn't as packed as I thought it'd be. Maybe because they went to the more well-known theater that I usually go to, not one inside a ginormous mall (second time there).

Anyways, Wall-E was a really cute film and if you're a Pixar fan, this will not disappoint. I'd say this is their best work out of all the films I've seen from them (which does not include Incredibles or Cars because I didn't care for them). It's really cute and funny at moments and stunning visuals (duh). The story is pretty interesting and a bit sad. It gets a bit boring in the beginning but things really start to pick up later. All I can say is, the robot Eve (the white Apple-product-ish robot on billboards/ads) is so freakin' awesome. I'd want a slick-looking 'bot like her. Reminds me of Robot 1-X in Futurama, hahaha. Oh, yeah, there were a lot of them too, one similar to R2D2.

Recommend it to everyone! =D
BTW, you know those Pixar short they always have before the actual movie? Well this one called "Presto" was simply hilarious. I laughed a lot. Great job, as one would expect from the studio. Maybe I should work my way up to be in their company?
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26 June 2008 @ 07:00 pm
Lol Nina.

Okay, so it's been two or three days already, and I'm for some reason addicted to Zettai Karen Children's OP theme and I dunno what to do. The funny (sad) thing is, I've been listening to three other versions of the song as well (four, counting the instrumental). Now I can't even decide which one I like more. But why do I like this at all? It's performed by a bunch of frittle girls that are definitely not even 12 yet, judging by their child-like pitches. I think even hearing Ichigo 100%'s IKE IKE song was much better. I always did thought it was catchy. But what's with this? Maybe it's the composition and arrangement and lyrics that pull me on. I'm pretty sure if any older, well-known artist sang this, it'd probably be a travesty. Everything should really just be handled by the Lucky Star girls anyway. The quartet is pretty much fitting to sing it. I wonder just how it'll sound...

Other news... a few days ago I was playing around with Audacity again. See, for several months now I've been trying to combine the vocals to that Higurashi song (Keiichi Ooishi no Uwasa no Jikenbo ABC) with the Lucky Star song Tekireki na Lady. I've got the timing down for the first parts of the songs but I'm trying to figure out how to do the rest of the verses. The other thing holding me back is getting rid of the music for ABC and just keeping the vocals but that's not truly possible unless you own the master track... I've seen tutorials for taking out the vocals... but what the fuck happens when I want it the other way around? There seems to be nothing on that matter. I think if I look into it more I can work on it better. So far I think it sounds pretty awesome. If I ever produce and finish this, I'll have it up. Hopefully it'll be way better than the Yuki N. Remix someone fixed up before.

Oh yes, I just got my camcorder today too. Huzzah!
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Oh, Jeri, you're so sweet yet you say the most risqué things ever.

What is up
So it's been kind of a borefest after graduation. In fact, it feels like it's been forever since we've done something, yet we've been graduates since last week! I guess time flies when you do nothing. I haven't had much things occupying my schedule (if you call it a schedule). Ah, but I guess I can make a rundown on what went on after my 'gratulations.

June 12
After the ceremony, I went to seek out my many friends for some nice pics, and when I say nice pics, I mean the ones where I'm actually photogenic. Yeah, that went well, but I still got pictures! I can't count but I'm pretty sure I took lots. A lot on my dad's camera (yet to be printed) and tons more on the dejikame, which I've already uploaded on to FB. I swear I felt like dying in that crowd. I think I messed up my hair too. Oh, the funny thing that day. While we were Gurren Lagging ourselves in the auditorium, I was playing with my tassel and suddenly got it madly tied up on my square hat thingy so it was a pain to fix, and thank goodness I did get it fixed. Graduation itself wasn't so bad but I wish Gregory didn't have to stick with a lame ass speech. For a Valedictorian, I would've expected something much more enlightening than a god awful long ass boring monologue. There's more that went on before, during, and after Grad but I'd like to think those weren't big highlights as I'd think.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let's get back to the actual interesting bits. So after I spotted many people to take pictures with I proceeded to finally leave the school. My back hurt like fuck and I had a balloon and flowers to carry. After laying in my bed for quite a while (my back was aching for crying out loud) my dad took us to a Thai restaurant called "Be My Guest." It looked fairly new as it opened up only a year ago IIRC. The food was... not undelicious. Pretty scumptious actually and I had something called Taro Clay Rice Pot. Prawn and some other stuff with rice in a clay pot. Pretty good.

June 13
The day after Grad, my friends over at Galileo wanted a get-together so I was like sure what the hell. I mean, I'm only gonna miss this pot luck thing or whatever with my Washington homies. It's fine. We met up at the park and played some basketball, then proceeded to my house for some BRAWL then the fun part: deciding where to eat. Olive Garden was our initial pick but one of my friends had some problem with it like it's not good. On the way to Where the F Are We Going Now? we decided to just go there because we called our friend (the other Eric) to meet there. So we'd be leaving him there. Now when we got there he called and said he couldn't go so like, GREAT! But luckily we went inside the mall with the food court so I think that was plenty perfect for us since we were all disagreeing with each other on food selection. Well, we got your Chinese, Japanese, American, Korean, Italian... and a whole bunch of others. Funny though, all our food was repsectively 10 dollars each. Was it worth it? Probably, I mean, that Japanese bento I got was pretty darn good.

June 14
Moving on, Saturday was an interesting day. Woke up early, had to cancel this JNHS Scavenger Hunt thing just so I could meet the awesome Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame. Like, who doesn't want to meet the guy? I mean sure, I didn't have anything MG on me at the time (my MGA shirt came late too) but I could at least get one of my friend's games to sign since I think it was an item per person. I think we were expected the worse. We got there at 1 and the lines were motherfucking huge already, lines starting since 2 A-fucking-M. Like holy shit, this never happened with the FF events. Goes to show you these guys are hardcore and crazy. Well those guys are lucky bastards because the lines were moving and my friends and I were thissss close to meeting Kojima in person but we were cut off because there wasn't time left apparently. Okay, whose idea was it to make him stay for 2 hours? That's certainly letting 2000 others down. I at least thank Kojima-san for turning around and waving at us, peering through the glass windows. He and the three others present there made it worthwhile to come but I just wish we got to actually meet them.

Well after that, was Bonenkai which I was late for. Everyone finished eating so I felt kinda awkward eating alone though everyone was playing mafia so it was alright. Heck, it was because of me that the game went on. Good thing I brought those cards with me and never took them out of my backpack since those few days before graduation (in the beginning I wanted to play cards with my friends one last time as this was how our little "clique" stupidly dubbed "The Hallway Club" got so much bigger.) Anyways, it was pretty fun. I still have Japanese candy on me but already ate the chewy stuff. Now all that's left is the soda candy and the hard candy. None soft, bleh. After Bonenkai, we proceeded to go somewheres though it was late. We were gonna karaoke but not enough for 12 people unless you wanted to come back at 2 in the morning. I checked out the list and there were lots of new songs they got. I saw Nana and UVERworld on there. =) In the end we ended up at my friend's house and did nothing but play her keyboard piano and reminisce.

June 17
Rant, rant, rant. Well c'mon, we all had a right to be pissed. Oh, but this is nothing compared to two days ago when it was my Fili's birthday. I was to meet up at 4 PM at my friend's house. Okay, I'm sorry I had company and such, but you can't expect me to fucking be there at 4 PM sharp. And besides, I got a damn phone call saying to just meet up at the bus stop. Okay, so I went. So uh... where the fuck were you guys? Nowhere. I must've spent 20 minutes there or something waiting for them, walking nowhere back and forth. So I went back to my house and my sister told me they called and told me that they were already on the bus. Okay, who the fuck does that? You couldn't wait for me? There are plenty of damn buses coming after so why go now? This isn't a trip to Japan, you know. So after some complications and sortings, I finally got there and I pretty much vent my anger on them though I tried to sound reasonable. Perhaps maybe even in a tone that would make them feel really guilty about it and piss them off too. But hey, I deserved to be mad. I'm pretty sure they knew it but didn't want to hear the end of it so I reluctantly stopped eventually. Still, I can't forget about that. You just.. don't do that. My friend said it was his fault because he apparently thought I was already on the bus, or was gonna get on it when it was coming, but uh... he guessed wrong. At least there was the deceny of aplogizing. Whatever, I'm over it now. We're still buds like before, but pulling another shit like that just won't fly. On to more lighter matters, Chevy's was pretty good, we had ice cream and stuff too. Then we proceeded to play around in the playground for some odd reason. Then we got Slurpee's right after, which was a horrible, horrible idea because the flavors we want are never ready, forcing us to mix flavors into one monstrous hybrid, with tastes of despair and solitude. In other words, it was nasty. When I got home I checked and my teeth and tongue looked pretty atrocious. It wasn't even Hulk flavor...

June 18
Some more praying stuff for my recently late grandma. I think my hands got a cramp from all that praying. Played some Brawl with my cousins, unlocked their last characters and took advantage of my cousin's DS and got my Dusknoir finally. Screw you, Hayley.

And that there ends my um... excellent adventure. Now I'm just awaiting the more FUN AND EXCITING WORLD OF JAPAN (without any Akiba stabbings). In the mean time, I've just been moping around at home eating ramen and watching old tapes of Digimon. Good times are good times, and that's where my blog entry title comes from. I think this is my longest entry yet, so with that. I'll just leave it at that before I start complaining again. Ja~
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12 June 2008 @ 05:19 pm
Good riddance.


There's just too much to say but too much to write. On the other hand, I got tons of pics. =)
A couple of days ago my classes ended. I think I did okay this year. I'm hoping my final grades are good but I'm going to City anyways so I suppose that doesn't even matter. Now all that's left is Monday and Tuesday for graduation rehearsal. Wednesday is the senior brunch (in the cafeteria, wtf?) and then Thursday comes the big day.

For some reason though I'm always paranoid that I don't graduate and then I'll feel embarrassed when my name's not called. Of course, I've nothing to worry about since I didn't get any mail notice about not graduating. Now for the next order of business. Somebody needs to give me money for I just completed another four years of education. Where's the credit, people? It feels sooo long. I remember it was only 7 years ago my oldest sister was the first of the family to graduate from the same school. Then it happened 4 years after, then a year after, then 2 years it's finally my turn to stand. Worst part is that the class of 2007 were apparently asswipes. They threw tortillas, rubber chickens, (unused) condoms, and it was a riot, or so I've heard. I didn't go that year because my sisters already graduated then so no point in me going. According to the principal (first time on the job this year) we had to pay for last year's mistake and she wants us to have some civilized graduation or something.

Normally, there were never any shit like that. It was just a beach ball or balloons being thrown back and forth, nothing more. 2007 was a mess alright. I do have a feeling someone might do a beach ball thing again. I've always thought that was funny. And besides, parents never complained about that. It's much better than just throwing our square hats in the air and then losing it. I can say there's nothing left for me to do, except for handling this City College stuff. Placement test or something, though I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that, but I need classes. Ayup, that's pretty much it, I suppose. Oh yeah, my sister's nearly done with the first AA game, haha. Oh, and my friend apparently lost my TaT game so now he has to buy me a new one. I don't think it's a huge ass deal as long as it wasn't some other game where there's a bunch of data saved. He better not lose my AJ game though.

Oh, yes, I can probably scan my yearbook signings if I can. I still need more signatures. The other day I let one of my friends sign it and he took the autograph sheets out. I didn't notice until two days after and I got pretty upset. Damn junior. Apparently my other friend had it in her yearbook and used it. Fuck me, why didn't I notice it was gone before? And what the hell, how can you run out of autograph sheets to sell, they were there a couple of days ago. I need to get them tomorrow (if what they said was right). Anyways, tomorrow after grad rehearsal I'm meeting up with sensei and the other peeps going to Japan. Yay, more details, more details. I've already prepped a map of Akiba like any gaijin does so I'm raring to go now.
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